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 rulo kılçık   2006 Yılından buyana plastik rulo kılçık üretimi yapıyor
Ve ürünlerimizi Dünyaya sunuyoruz.


     Avery Dennison ST9500 Elektronik Full Otomatik Kılçık Makinası

Ürün Kodu : ST9500
Fiyat : 3500 USD (KDV Hariç)

Attach yourself to a leader. 

The expertly designed Plastic Staple® ST9500TM  Fastener System.

For better productivity and greater customer responsiveness. 

The Plastic Staple® ST9000TM   Fastener System was first introduced over 15 years ago as a model of innovation and quality.  Now, after years devoted to further perfecting the technology, we take innovation to the next level with the Plastic Staple® ST9500TM  Fastener System.

Among the features that place the Plastic Staple®ST9500TM  Fasteners System securely ahead of the competition are:

  • Increase machine output with actuation speed programmability


  • Optimize operator productivity with cycle programmability (1,2,3…10, or continuous)


  • Makes whiskering faster and easier than ever with improved fastener strength


  • Ensure perfect Plastic Staple® fastener size with variable needle spacing (Range 6mm – 12mm)


              ST9500 Needle Spacing  

  • Record critical operations data with smart machine techology



  • Cut reloading time in half with the new no-adjust feed system                
  • Power converter permits use in 120v or 220v
  • 50% less power consumed
  • No clutch or solenoid

Customers prefer Plastic Staple® fasteners because they're so much easier to remove and, unlike metal staples, won't damage fabrics. Tickets stay in place until removed by the customer at home so there are fewer lost tickets.

More applications. More opportunity to meet customer needs.

The ability to perform innovative applications means the ST9500TM  does more to help you meet the needs of today’s retailers and their customers.  Ideal for high-volume ticketing, it also easily handles a range of garment processing challenges.  Extra strong fasteners and variable needle spacing capabilities make the ST9500TM  perfect for tagging dense materials and performing popular applications like denim whiskering.  Even dog leashed are no problem.  Plus, its fasteners can be molded in any color, to match any applications.

More appealing than thread bar tacks and metal staples.

For clothing brand professionals, the Plastic Staple® ST9500TMFastener System provides consumer appeal with a clean, memorable display at point-of-sales. Unlike thread bar tacks and metals staples, the flexible polymer design of the fastener offers a secure attachment and a low profile, yet allows for easy removal from soft goods with no fabric damage by consumers. The result is fewer returns, less lost ticketrs and higher customer satisfaction than with other systems or fastening methods.

Better for the brand, the retailer and the consumer.

BRAND – customers remember clean appearance and easy removal.

RETAILER – tickets stay neat and secure.

CONSUMER – Plastic Staple® fasteners are safe and easy to remove

No wonder these fasteners have remained the industry standard since Avery Dennison introduced the first Plastic Staple®fastener in 1988.

For further product information, please download our brochure in the resources box, or contact our sales department at 888-283-7996.